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Polish Slavonic Committee

PHONE: +48 22 621 55 71 +48 22 629 36 06 EMAIL: poczta@komitet.org.pl
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The Polish Slavic Committee was formed in 1998 at the 7th Slavic Nations Conference in Prague. At the same time other Slavic countries formed their own equivalent committees which together fall under the umbrella of the International Slavic Committee.

The aim of the Polish Slavic Committee is to develop Slavic ideology, thought and encourage friendship and unity between all Slavic Peoples and Countries. The Committee seeks to encourage cooperation in all areas but in particular the sciences, culture, economics and politics. The Committee encourages the development of mutual information exchange between national and international cooperating organisations. It refers to the 1st Slavic Nations Conference  (I Zjazd Wszechsłowiański) in Prague from 1848. It rules out resolutions agreed in the 7th Slavic Nations Conference in Prague in 1998 and the subsequent Conferences.

The board of The International Slavic Committee is made up of representatives of each Slavic Nation.