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The Polish Slavonic Committee representing the national milieus of Poles working for the alliance of Slav nations and states, appeals to the US Congress to consider the purposefulness of rotational and permanent presence of US troops in Poland.

While considering this problem, we should assess in whose interests the presence of US forces lies.

It is obvious to us that this is not in the interest of the Polish nation. Poland is proud of the Polish Army and does not need any foreign army for its defence. We do not feel threatened from any country whatsoever. Pointing to Russia's military threat to Poland is a political lie. Russia is a responsible democratic world power operating within the UN, creating the concept of a multi-polar world of sovereign national states capable of peaceful cooperation. The US authorities are well aware that Russia does not threaten Poland militarily or in any other way. The propaganda myth of Russia being a threat to Poland is an unfair method of persuading Poles to the necessity of inviting US troops to Poland for its security and defence.

Despite the strong propaganda concerning a potential threat, the presence of US troops is not considered as a form of defence, but as a dependence and threat to Poland, which limits Poland's sovereignty and isolates Poland from other Slavic countries. Such a political decision confronts Poland with Russia, and hinders the conclusion of a beneficial Polish-Russian alliance. It also makes Poland ready for a potential Polish-American armed action against Russia.

The presence of US troops on Polish soil
- exacerbates the image of Poland in the world as a non-sovereign satellite state subordinate to the United States, which makes it difficult for Poland to cooperate with many other countries
- exacerbates the attitude of Poles to the USA which does not treat Poland as a sovereign state, but as a tool of American military policy.

It is obvious to us that the US presence in Poland is not in the interest of the United States, either.

Increasing the number of military bases in the world by another base in Poland damages the image of the USA perceived as a state striving for a global domination, which, potentially, could put global peace at risk.

The presence of US troops at the Russian border threatens Russia and conflicts it with the USA. It also deteriorates the relations between Russia and the United States, which has a major impact on the international situation. In its own interest and in the sense of shared responsibility for the future of the world, the USA should abandon its military presence in Poland and strive for the best possible relations with Russia in the name of global security.

While considering the question of US troops stationed in Poland, the US Congress should take into account that the Polish authorities, who invite US military forces to Poland, draw the USA into a conflict with Russia, which is unfavourable for the world.

The US Congress should also remember about the great patriotism and honour of the Polish people who will never accept foreign military forces in Poland as it threatens the freedom and sovereignty of their homeland.

In the interest of Poland and the USA, in the interest of Europe and the world, in the name of peaceful cooperation, we appeal to the US Congress to abandon the rotational and permanent presence of American troops, and all other NATO forces in Poland.

Bolesław Tejkowski
Chairman of the Polish Slavonic Committee in Warsaw
Deputy Chairman of the International Slavonic Committee based in Moscow

Warsaw, 28/09/2018